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A multi-service company that is SRIC company which established in 2013 in Saudi Arabia. We are beginning our service in hotel management, deliver goods, sales system and ends with décor design. that we meet all you need, because we transform the small idea into a trademark.

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Our Services :

It is
just a click
on your mobile
and everything
you wish to get will be
yours, Shahina is a simple
mobile application based on KSA Explore

Applying developments in decor is our first
priority In the end We offer you 3D
design. Just what you have
to do is to choose what
is rightExplore


Consultation in
engineering ,industrial
, management , financial
, economics, investment services
, business development and project

Saudi platform helps you to sell or buy any
tools you need in your business or
home. 3 qotation is very easy
to use and it save all your
rights , whether you are
buyer or supplier. Explore

ZamaZem is
one of the finest
groups of hotels based
in Saudi Arabia with 5
branches distributed between
Makkah and El-MadinaExplore

It is an application specialized in helping
users to manage and track the
sales operations made by sales
representatives and handle
all needs of and clientsExplore

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